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Valetta Terrazzo Planter Set of 3

Valetta Terrazzo Planter Set of 3

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Valetta Terrazzo Planter Set of 3 by Ivyline

Be transported to a Mediterranean paradise with the Ivyline set of 3 Valetta Terrazzo Planters. With a neutral blush, ivory or caramel colour, terrazzo effect and premium glaze, you’ll be stylishly on trend when you display your houseplants in these statement pieces. Arriving in a choice of three extra-large sizes, these Mediterranean influenced houseplant pots are perfect for displaying larger specimen plants like olive trees, citrus bushes, or agave. Simply place in a well-lit area for a modern twist on Maltese chic.

H/W/D CM: 19/19/19

H/W/D CM: 25/25/25

H/W/D CM: 30/30/30

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